Secretary of Defense Annual Reports to Congress Print

After the cosmetic change the U.S Army School of the Americas had in 2001, the military training facility was ordered to present an annual report to Congress. 

About the Annual Report:


  • Within 60 days of meeting, the Board of Visitors must submit to the Secretary of Defense a "written report of its action and of its views and recommendations pertaining" the institution.
  • By March 15 the Secretary of Defense must submit a report on the "activities of the Institute during the preceding year" to Congress U.S. Code Title 10, Section 2166

Concerns and Comparisons of the Annual Report: While the SOA authorization did not mandate an annual report, in practice, the SOA has been required recently to make a report to the Foreign Operations Committee. The new provision simply codifies the current practice, but weakens even the minimal reporting requirements that have stood for the last few years.

The Annual Report – unlike the SOA Certification Report – does not require even the minimal tracking or monitoring of recent graduates that was called for in the SOA Certification Report. The proposed Annual Report is not an analysis, critique, assessment, evaluation, appraisal or examination with recommendations from an outside, independent source. It is simply "a report" of the "activities" of the school. 

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Annual report's sources come from Just the Facts