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Saturday, October 8
Saint Thomas University, Convocation Hall, Library Building
16401 NW 37ave (just off the 826 @ 37ave), Miami, Florida 33054

Welcome: 2pm-2:05pm
Art Kane Saint Thomas University-Pax Christi

519 Years of Repression 519 Years of Resistance
, 2:05pm-2:45pm
Richard Whitecloud -Cherokee, Blackfeet, Welsh
Siouxzen Whitecloud-Lakota, Irish
Teakahla Whitecloud -Richard &Siouxzen Daughter
Coalition of Immokalee Workers

U.S. Militarization
, 2:55 pm- 4: 10pm
1. Abdy Javadzadeh Ph.D-FIU Dept. of Global and Sociocultural Studies
2. Victor Agosto-Veterans for Peace
3. Sandy Davies-Author, Blood on Our Hands
4. Susana Pimiento,-Fellowship of Reconciliation, Continental Campaign

SOA Watch Film Premier "Somos Una América"
4:15-5: 10
1. Nico Udu-gama -SOA Watch

A Coup is a Coup, is a Coup: Haiti, Honduras, ect...
5:50pm- 6:35pm
1. Lisa Sullivan-SOA Watch
2. Lucie Tondreau

Food with entertainment, 5:10-5:50PM
Closing, 6:40pm-7:00pm

Contact the Organizers

Linda Belgrave
cell 305-801-0245,

Ray Del Papa
cell 754-423-0051

March on the U.S. Southern Command SOUTHCOM

Contact us

SOA Watch
733 Euclid Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

phone: 202-234-3440

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