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Four Chilean SOA Graduates Charged with 1973 Murder of Victor Jara PDF Print E-mail
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Four Chilean SOA Graduates Charged with 1973 Murder of Victor Jara

On Friday, December 27, Chilean Judge Miguel Vásquez charged two Chilean officials, Pedro Barrientos and Hugo Sanchez, in the 1973, murder of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara; six others were charged as accomplices. Four of the eight took courses at the School of the Americas. Pedro Barrientos, the second-in-command of the National Stadium which was turned into a open-air prison following the September 11th US-sponsored coup, and Raúl Jofré took the same Officers' Orientation course in 1968; Edwin Dimter Bianchi took a Combat Arms Orientation course in 1970; and Jorge Smith Gumucio took a Combat Arms Orientation course in 1972. SOA graduate Pedro Barrientos currently lives in Deltona, a city southwest of Daytona Beach in Florida.

Victor Jara was one of the Pinochet regime's first victims. SOA graduates filled the ranks of the Chilean dictatorship's military and the feared intelligence unit, the DINA.

Read more here.

Victor Jara was a symbol of justice and progress in the Americas, and his voice encouraged millions to continue moving towards a just and fair society. Though his life was cut short by the brutal US-sponsored dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, his legacy lives on through the changes happening throughout Latin America.

We receive this news with great joy as we enter the new year. It is past time for those in the U.S. who armed and trained the killers and the torturers to be held accountable, as well. Support the struggle to close the SOA and to change oppressive U.S. foreign policy with a financial contribution.

From SOA Watch, we wish you a justice-filled and happy New Year and we look forward to continuing the struggle together!

In solidarity,
SOA Watch

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SOA Watch's Year-End Fundraising Drive
2012 has been a year of victories for SOA Watch! Ecuador and Nicaragua have joined Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay in pulling their troops out of the SOA - but we need your support to continue our work in the new year. Join your compañeros and give generously to SOA Watch today: http://SOAW.org/donate
Toss the SOA Off the Cliff! PDF Print E-mail
Action Alert: Contact Your Representative Today!
Throw the SOA/WHINSEC Over the Fiscal Cliff!

You sure have been busy since leaving the gates of Fort Benning in November!

Over 9,500 messages were sent to Congressional Representatives, Senators and to Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough demanding that in these times of fiscal crisis, we put an end to militarized budgets, and cut the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC)! Added to that were the hundreds more postcards sent from the gates of Fort Benning to representatives and senators from 37 states!

We need to keep up the pressure. Order a set of advocacy postcards and get your family and friends to send a message to Congress.

Members of the SOA Watch Super PAC ("Pretty Amazing Compas") delivered copies of a letter signed by over 250 organizations to members of Congress urging them to consider pushing the SOA/WHINSEC over the looming "fiscal cliff".

Call Your Representative Today!

Please take 2 minutes right now to call your Representative (click here to find your Representative, or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected) and urge them to toss the SOA/WHINSEC into the fiscal abyss. Use the sample script below as a guide:

"As you deliberate the budget, please choose to fund education, health, environmental safety, and care for our elderly over military spending. The SOA/ WHINSEC is synonymous with torture and repression for people across the Americas, and should be shut down without delay. Shift the millions of drug/military dollars targeted for Latin America to urgently needed programs here at home. Cut funding for the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/ WHINSEC)"

(If you use Twitter, send a message about closing the SOA to #fiscalcliff !)

And we hope you will join us in Washington, DC from April 8-10 as we take our message to the halls of Congress! Set up a meeting with your Member of Congress and bring your friends!

In struggle,
The SOA Watch Super PAC
Adelante! PDF Print E-mail
Our Struggle Continues! Venceremos!

From November 16-18, over two thousand students, prison abolitionists, teachers, nuns, immigrants, musicians, farmers, activists and workers from across the Americas mobilized to the gates of Fort Benning, to once more express our humanity and solidarity against the school of death and destruction. This year, we were fortunate to have so many activists from Latin America and the Caribbean who shared their stories with us and walked with us. It was a true manifestation of the saying: "Somos Una América! We are One America!"

Click here to see more photos from Tom Bottolene. And from Steve Pavey. If you have any pictures you took and would like to share them, you can upload them to the SOA Watch Flickr page.

Special thanks to the Mobile Broadcast Network who livestreamed the Vigil. Check out a clip of Rebel Díaz and Fr Roy here, and of the Puppetista pageant and interviews in Spanish here.

Also, check a report back from Father Melo about his experience at the gates. Nina spoke of her first trip to Fort Benning, as did Dominique, who rode on the Veterans for Peace bus from Minnesota. From Ft Benning to Cairo, Eva reports on her views of militarism. Also, Rebel Diaz rapper Rodstarz wrote of his encounter with undercover police. Check the reports out!

We marched to the Stewart Detention center to protest unjust immigration laws; we connected our issues during caucuses and workshops; we remembered the names of the victims; and one of us took our collective message over the fence. We left with the renewed knowledge that our struggle did not begin or end at Fort Benning, but that we will continue to build a just and peaceful world in our communities every single day of the year!

Stand with Father Roy Bourgeois PDF Print E-mail
Show your Solidarity: SOAW.org/StandWithFatherRoy

With great sadness we are letting you know that the Vatican has dismissed Father Roy Bourgeois from the priesthood and from his religious order, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, because of his stands for gender equality in the Catholic Church. Father Roy has served with great courage and commitment for 45 years. He has dedicated his life to serving the poor and oppressed, those whose human rights have been violated by dictators, assassins, torturers, bullies, and racists.
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