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Stand with Father Roy Bourgeois PDF Print E-mail
Show your Solidarity: SOAW.org/StandWithFatherRoy

With great sadness we are letting you know that the Vatican has dismissed Father Roy Bourgeois from the priesthood and from his religious order, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, because of his stands for gender equality in the Catholic Church. Father Roy has served with great courage and commitment for 45 years. He has dedicated his life to serving the poor and oppressed, those whose human rights have been violated by dictators, assassins, torturers, bullies, and racists.
Thousands Converged on Fort Benning PDF Print E-mail

Click here to read the Media Release: SOA Watch Activist Arrested by Military Police While Thousands Gather

Remembering the Victms of SOA Violence and Celebrating the Resistance

From November 16-18, 2012, over two thousand students, prison abolitionists, teachers, nuns, migrants, musicians, farmers, activists and workers from across the Americas mobilized to the gates of Fort Benning, to once more express our humanity and solidarity against the school of death and destruction. This year, we were fortunate to have so many activists from Latin America and the Caribbean who shared their stories with us and walked with us. It was a true manifestation of the saying: "Somos Una América! We are One America!"

(Photo by Ann Dowling, NYC SOAW - click here to view more photos)

Also, check a report back from Father Melo about his experience at the gates. Nina spoke of her first trip to Fort Benning, as did Dominique, who rode on the Veterans for Peace bus from Minnesota. From Ft Benning to Cairo, Eva reports on her views of militarism. Also, Rebel Diaz rapper Rodstarz wrote of his encounter with undercover police. Check the reports out!

We marched to the Stewart Detention Center to protest unjust immigration laws; we connected our issues during caucuses and workshops; we remembered the names of the victims; and one of us took our collective message over the fence. We left with the renewed knowledge that our struggle did not begin or end at Fort Benning, but that we will continue to build a just and peaceful world in our communities every single day of the year!

Check out the Photos from the November Vigil from the Columbus Ledger-Enquierer (click here).

Mobile Broadcast News live streamed the events this weekend. Watch the footage from Saturday's rally at the gates:

SOA Watch Met with the White House

After protests and nonviolent direct actions, thousands of petitions, and letters from religious leaders and Members of Congress, the White House finally sat down with an SOA Watch delegation to discuss the School of the Americas / Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Click here to read the report back from the White House meeting.
Join the Puppetistas in Columbus, GA! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rob   
Monday, 15 October 2012 00:00

Streettheater, extravagant political puppets made from the debris of a culture gone mad, channeling your political convictions and creativity into an expression of life affirming resistance, visionary community living and building, feeling integrated into and valued by the SOAW community, all this and more is waiting for you simply by, JOINING THE PUPPETISTAS!

Every year, prior to the November Vigil protesting the atrocities of the School of the Americas, a creative, sometimes crazy, certainly zany cast of characters gather in Columbus, GA from around the country, organize themselves as the inspired Puppetistas and create the puppets and pageantry that has become an integral expression of the SOAW resistance movement.

You too could be amongst them, building puppets from discarded cardboard, planning, painting, plotting, cooking and eating together, learning to walk on stilts, or how to turn a bucket into a drum to beat the messages of social justice and hope. All are welcome, all are valued. Come for a week, a day, 2 hours, or see us on the days of the rally and find the role for you.

For more info, contact Jake Weinstein at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (203)843-7444.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 October 2012 17:48
Death Squads, Then and Now PDF Print E-mail

By Liz Scherffius

October 7th, 2012


A climate of fear and repression has taken hold of Honduras in recent years.  After the June 2009 coup-- in which Porfirio Lobo Sosa, a man loyal to the ruling elite and its armed forces cronies, replaced Manuel Zelaya-- violence against Honduran activists has increased sharply.
Last Updated on Monday, 08 October 2012 19:04
Washington's Open Door on Terrorists PDF Print E-mail

By Nick Alexandrov

"This hypocrisy isn’t a new development, of course, and other recent news items provide more evidence of Washington’s true principles.  In August 2011, it emerged that Inocente Orlando Montano, El Salvador’s Vice-Minister of Public Security from 1989-92, had been living comfortably in a Boston suburb for years.  Several months earlier, Spain’s National Court had indicted Montano and nineteen other Salvadoran military officials for their roles in the “Jesuit Massacre,” the 1989 slaughter of 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper, and her 14-year-old daughter.  But the U.S. government couldn’t care less about these legal proceedings."

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