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SOA Watch Annual Report 2014-2015 PDF Print E-mail
SOA Watch Annual Report

The crisis of democracy in the U.S. is dire but with your support we can continue to pressure the U.S. government to stop infringing on Latin American sovereignty and demand an end to corruption and impunity!

To contribute to SOA Watch, please visit http://SOAW.org/donate.

We are excited to share with you the highlights of our work in 2014-2015, which were made possible thanks to your support! Here is the link to the PDF version of the SOA Watch Annual Report

SOA Watch Annual Report 2014-2015
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Individual donors like you contribute 85% of SOA Watch's funding. Would you consider making a donation to keep the movement thriving?

Let's keep the pressure on for the demilitarization of our world, Donateour hemisphere, and our lives! Can you make a generous donation now, to build on build on over 25 years of consistent grassroots organizing, and to help grow our ability to change the culture of violence and domination? Together, we can create a culture of justice and peace. Please support our work with a financial contribution today.

Thank you again for supporting SOA Watch!

In Peace and Struggle,

Katherine Henao
Development & Operations Coordinator
SOA Watch


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SOA Watch
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