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As a young Honduran, I feel the obligation to struggle for he freedom of my country, a freedom that was taken from us by orders of generals trained at the School of the Americas, and with the support the government of the United States. This is why for me, it is a necessity to invite the people of the U.S. to come to Honduras, to see firsthand the reality of my country.

Honduras has been seen as a colony of the United States for centuries, and our natural resources have been manipulated for their use. Since the day that our president Jose Manuel Zelaya was taken from our country at the point of a rifle on a day when a popular consultation was scheduled to take place, this colonization has deepened.

As a young person, I feel called to join the struggle to reclaim the sovereignty of my country, in spite of the repression that I and other young people face. I believe in the power of the people of my country and the need to take leadership as a young person. This is why I am part of the Honduran Resistance and part of the SOA Watch movement, because both are promoting great social and political change in our America.

Honduras is in the heart of our America. It is living a nightmare of political persecution, fear and assassination. Today Honduras and its martyrs need the support of the international community. This delegation bears the name of a North American martyr of Honduras: Fr. Guadalupe Carney. In preparing for this delegation, I have learned about Guadalupe, I have been inspired by his example, and I have come to see another side of the people of the United States.

Please come to Honduras and let me share the reality of my country with you.

SOA Watch Activantes


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