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Venezuela DelegationVenezuela Delegation

April 7-14, 2012

Delegation participants will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the overthrow of the coup against President Chavez, the most significant people-power victory for the sovereignty of Latin America in many decades.

We will learn about food sovereignty by visiting cooperative agricultural initiatives promoted by the Bolivarian government to boost local production of food staples. We will also be introduced to a new approach to coffee production.

Participants will experience examples of national and regional sovereignty, such as a new housing mission, Mision Vivienda, learn about new levels of medical care through the Cuban doctors program, and visit a nationalized food production industry that supplies local communities.

On the political front, in Caracas we'll examine the new CELAC, Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (which does not include the US and Canada). CELAC is a significant step for asserting Latin American sovereignty.

Our travels will take us from Caracas, to Barquisimeto, Sanare, and Barinas. Back in Caracas we might meet with opposition representatives, members of the National Electoral Board, or review the upcoming elections.


$1400 (does not include fare to and from Venezuela). Partial scholarships available upon request.


Lisa Sullivan, SOAWatch Latin America Liaison.

Application & information:

Dale Sorensen, 415/924-3227or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SOA Watch & Task Force on the Americas

Download the delegation flyer here


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