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Chile: September 6-14, 2013 PDF Print E-mail
For Chile, September 11th has a very different meaning. On that date in 1973, General Augusto Pinochet orchestrated a coup against socialist president Salvador Allende, with ample help from the United States. Join SOA WATCH Latin America coordinator and torture survivor Pablo Ruiz, along with tens of thousands of Chileans, in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the martyrs whose lives were lost by this dictatorship, including that of singer/songwriter Victor Jara whose death was caused by SOA graduates. From these ashes of the past, a new Chile is arising, thanks to the valiant efforts of Chilean students and Mapuche people who refuse to accept the the neo-liberal model imposed by Pinochet and designed by US economists. Join us in showing concrete solidarity for their struggle. The delegation fee of $1,350 includes all meals, lodging, transportation, and materials within the country. It does not include travel to and from Santiago, Chile.

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