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SOA Watch Upcoming Delegations to Latin America PDF Print E-mail

Chile: October 2015

Join SOA Watch Latin America Coordinator Pablo Ruiz on this delegation to his home country to learn about the current political and human rights situation and meet with government officials to request Chile stop sending troops to the SOA/WHINSEC. We will meet with victims organizations to learn about the current efforts to seek truth and justice for disappearances, murder, and torture during the dictatorship as well as visit centers for historical memory. Additionally, the delegation will meet with leaders of student, Mapuche, and worker struggles taking place today in Chile and travel to Valparaíso to visit Pablo Neruda's home and participate in a protest at the Fuerte Aguayo military base in Concon, where the US Southern Command has opened a base to train military and police forces from throughout Latin America. Cost: $1350, which covers all in-country costs. Airfare not included. Contact Brigitte @ soaw.org for more information and an application.

Venezuela Election Delegation: December 2-10, 2015

Venezuela has been at the forefront of sweeping changes in Latin America. Its Bolivarian Revolution heralded in a transformative decade that propelled millions of Venezuelans out of poverty, and inspired other democratic revolutions throughout the continent.  What was the weapon of mass transformation that unleashed these massive changes? The ballot box. On December 6th Venezuelans return to the ballot box to elect representatives to their National Assembly. These elections will occur at a critical moment. Venezuelans are standing in long lines to obtain  food and basic supplies, due - in large part - to an economic war waged by those who have long sought to unlawfully topple the Bolivarian government.  This time the ballot box offers new choices that somewhat shake up the 16-year political divide. International witnesses will again play a critical role in these elections given the aggressive attitude of mainstream media towards Venezuela. The presence of US citizens is especially important, given recent economic sanctions imposed by the Obama Administration that label Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the US.  Read more here. The delegation is sponsored by the Task Force on the Americas and SOAW, and will be led by Lisa Sullivan, a 30-year resident of Venezuela and long-time SOAW activist.  Cost $1,000 plus airfare. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

Colombia Delegation: February 2016

Colombia by far sends the highest number of military officers to the SOA/WHINSEC and also is the largest recipient of US military aid in Latin America, fueling massive displacement, murders, human rights abuses, and repression across the country. We will learn from social movements and organizations struggling for justice in Colombia, as well the prospects for the Peace Process. This delegation will be based in Bogota, with one or two trips.

Colombia Pilgrimage to Cacarica: Late February 2016

Accompany the Colombian Ecumenical Commission for Justice and Peace on a Pilgrimage for Peace to the Cacarica River Baisin, the site of a binational Military Base on the Colombian-Panamanian border, supported by the US, and where the Afro-Colombian community was displaced from their land by Operation Genesis and continues face threats and human rights restrictions. The group will accompany the Colombian Ecumenical Commision for Justice and Peace on their Pilgrimage to the community for the 19th anniversary memorial of Operation Genesis and to document the military base on the community's land as well as the threats against the community.  *The Pilgrimage involves walking 2-3 days and camping as the site is only accessible by foot.* If you are up for the trek, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Not up for the trek, but interested in supporting young activists from the US and Latin America on the Pilgrimage?  Click here to support the Pilgrimage.

For more information or applications for any of the delegations, contact Brigitte Gynther at Brigitte @ soaw.org or Mary Anne Perrone at 734-996-9390.


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