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Home Action Statements of Support & Solidarity Statement on the Situation in Egypt
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Continental Campaign Against Foreign Military Bases US Working Group

The Continental Campaign Against Foreign Military Bases US Working
Group supports the efforts of people in Egypt to put an end to a militaristic regime marked by corruption which maintains the Egyptian people in a condition of inequality and poverty. As a group of organizations in the US that opposes foreign military intervention and works for the maintenance and promotion of peace in the Western Hemisphere, we are heartened by the peaceful and courageous stand taken by Egyptian citizens against a government closely allied with the giant U.S. military complex.

The Egyptian repressive regime could have not been maintained without US active support. For several decades, Egypt has been among the top largest recipient of US military aid (along with Israel and Colombia) in order to protect American economic and strategic interests.

Our Working Group notes that tear gas, tanks, helicopters, rifles and planes used by the Egyptian police to repress the civilian protest were provided through US military assistance. Furthermore, the group notes that US military assistance often translates into gross human rights violations, not only in the Middle East, but also in the Western Hemisphere: Colombian army brigades saw an average increase of over 50% of extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians following increases in US military assistance. In Mexico, the level of violence has increased in those areas where the US-supported Mexican army has been deployed.

The recent wave of non-violent civilian protest around the globe constitutes a unique opportunity for U.S. communities to demand that U.S. foreign relations be truly based on the respect of human rights, sovereignty and democracy and to reflect on the waste of taxpayer dollars resulting from U.S. foreign military assistance in light of unmet health, education, and infrastructure needs of the American people.

We support the struggle of the Egyptian people as part and parcel of a global demand for social justice.

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