Brigitte Gynther

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Brigitte Gynther leads SOA Watch’s program and advocacy work. She has lived and worked in Central America for over a decade. She is passionate about solidarity with social movements. Brigitte first joined SOA Watch in 2012 as a human rights accompanier in Honduras, where she documented human rights violations and accompanied human rights organizations and social movements. Since then Brigitte has taken on many roles over the years, ranging from fundraising to leading SOAW’s human rights work, particularly efforts to advance justice for Berta Caceres.

Prior to SOA Watch, Brigitte was the Co-Coordinator of Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida, where she coordinated national religious organizing in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW).  Brigitte has a degree in Anthropology and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame.

Lulu Matute – Organizing Coordinator

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Lulu has been been a part of SOA Watch since 2017, when she first participated as a student delegate at the Border Encuentro in Ambos Nogales, Arizona/Sonora. Within SOAW, her role involves collaborating with a diverse network that includes academics, artists, and community leaders to spearhead educational initiatives and community-engaged research projects. These efforts are aimed at addressing issues related to U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America, the militarization of the hemisphere, and immigration concerns.

As an EMT-B certified Search and Rescue specialist and humanitarian aid volunteer, Lulu combines her passion for service with her academic pursuits. She holds a degree in American Studies from UC Berkeley, where her research emphasized contemporary migration from Central America and the criminalization faced by displaced communities in increasingly militarized border regions. She is a recipient of the Robert and Colleen Haas Scholars and McNair Scholar awards. Looking ahead, Lulu aspires to further her impact by specializing in international and forensic nursing.

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