Join us for a conversation with Nina Lakhani, author of ‘Who Killed Berta Caceres?’

Join us on Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 4pm EDT/1pm PDT for an online conversation with Nina Lakhani, author of the recently released book ‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres?: Dams, Death Squads, and an Indigenous Defender’s Battle for the Planet.’ To join us, please register here.

‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres?’ paints a picture of Berta’s extraordinary life, investigates her murder, and puts both into their broader and necessary context. In the book, Lakhani examines the role of US-backed special forces, militarization, and the use of counterinsurgency, interweaving this analysis with anecdotes from Berta’s life. This pays a fitting tribute to Berta Cáceres herself, who had a remarkable ability to analyze structural oppression and global and regional policies and make them relevant to people’s lives.

In this online conversation with journalist and author Nina Lakhani and Brigitte Gynther of School of the Americas Watch (SOAW), we will discuss ‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres?’ and the themes it touches on, including the role of US militarization and counterinsurgency. In addition to Nina’s presentation, we will devote significant time to Q & A and discussion. You are invited to submit questions ahead of time or during the event itself. To submit questions ahead of time, you can put them in the registration form or write to

Nina Lakhani

Save the date for Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 4pm EDT/1pm PDT and register here to join us for this important conversation!

You are invited to read one or more of the following resources before the event (though doing so is not a requirement!):
  • ‘Who Killed Berta Cáceres: Dams, Death Squads, and an Indigenous Defender’s Battle of the Planet.’ The book is available in Hardcopy and as an eBook from Verso Books.

We look forward to seeing you online for this conversation! Save the date and register here.

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