Support our Work to Dismantle US Imperialism this #GivingTuesday

As we reach the end of an incredibly difficult year and gear up for 2021, we want to take a moment to thank you for being part of the SOA Watch community and for supporting the urgent and ongoing work to dismantle US imperialism and state violence. As we continue to confront a global health crisis amplified by long-standing impacts of labor exploitation, capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and state violence on marginalized communities, we remind ourselves that while we have witnessed the worst of humanity, we have also witnessed the best. Despite seemingly insurmountable levels of oppression and grief, communities and people around the world are actively taking care of one another and organizing for a more just and equitable world; demanding accountability for, and fiercely organize to end, inherently anti-Black and anti-Indigenous state violence; and challenging neoliberal policies that put profit before people. During this period of uncertainty, fear, and both figurative and literal separation, we remind ourselves that our work to dismantle US Empire continues together.

While SOA Watch is participating in #GivingTuesday because organizations like ours depend on support from our friends, communities, and allies, we also recognize that the extraordinary challenges and losses of 2020 have resulted in significant financial, physical, and emotional hardships for many of us. If you have the means, will you make a tax deductible donation today to support our work to end all forms of US-led violence throughout the Americas?

Your support will help strengthen the work of the cross-border staff collective to sustain and deepen our work with allies and compas throughout the Americas on everything from reports documenting the impacts of US trained, funded and supported state officials; to organizing virtual spaces for popular education and movement building like webinars, workshops, and book clubs; to support for urgent actions and solidarity with communities and allies most affected by US-led and backed state violence.

All donations are tax-deductible and may be made the following ways:

Make an online donation via our website. If you are able, consider signing-up to become a monthly sustainer donor!

Send checks made out to SOA Watch to our Tucson office:

SOA Watch
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