Presentation of SOAW Report to Colombia’s Truth Commission

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, SOA Watch, FOR Peace Presence, and SICSAL presented our report, From the Beginning to the End: The United States in the Colombian Armed Conflict, to Colombia’s official Truth Commission.

Read the Spanish version of the complete report here.

You can watch the presentation of the report at the following links:


In fall 2020, SOA Watch staff and researchers, together with FOR Peace Presence (FORPP) and the International Christian Service in Solidarity with the Peoples of Latin America Oscar Arnulfo Romero (SICSAL) wrote a report outlining the history and devastating impacts of US intervention — particularly military intervention — on the human rights and dignity of Colombian civil society during the decades of the Colombian armed conflict.

Following the 2016 signing of the Peace Accords between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, Colombia’s then largest guerrilla group, the Truth Commission has been working courageously and diligently to clarify the truth, build historical memory, and make recommendations to safeguard the ‘no repetition’ of past atrocities. We are very grateful to contribute to, and support, this historical process — the internal armed conflict in Colombia does not exist in a vacuum and all its dimensions cannot be understood without analyzing the role of U.S. military and police “assistance.”